Frank Stetzer, 11/13/1996
Revised 5/21/2002 & 3/1/2009

Hexrod online is celebrating its 20th birthday! That makes it two years older than Google!

If you have suggestions for changes or new features, email them to me at fcstetzer at gmail.com.

Whats new:
  • 11-May-2017:
    • Fixed a bug in rod size displayed at ferrule stations.
    • Restored the option to start a rod by entering stresses.
  • 17-May-2017:
    • Added option for Marinaro style taper graphs as explained in Harms and Whittle "Split and Glued by Vincent C. Marinaro". Metric version coming.
  • 23-May-2017
    • Added option to specify the width of most graphs. Graph height changes proportionally. For rods saved in your library, "Modify Fundamentals" option will let you change the width from the default 500 pixels. Resave the rod after the change.
  • 13-July-2017
    • Added option to email user a copy of a taper
    • Fixed a bug in setting up a new library
    • Fixed a couple other minor inconsistencies
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Rod Taper
From a
If you previously saved a rod design, retrieve it here. Enter your private taper library name with no Rod ID, and you will see all your tapers, or create the library if it doesn't exist.

Rod ID:        Library:
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Rod description:
Design notes:
Output Units:
Decimal separator: (Metric units only)
Graph width: pixels
Rod length: feet       inches
Action length: feet       inches
Standard or Spey Line:
Standard Line: Line weight:  
Length of line cast: Feet  
Number of pieces:
Ferrule type:
Ferrule sizes:
Fill in either Column 1 or Column 2
Sizes Known

Input ferrule sizes (as many as needed)

Sizes Unknown

If you want the program to compute the ferrule sizes, then Click Here!

Round ferrule size up
after 64ths of an inch

Tip Impact Multiplier:
Cane Density: Ounces per cubic inch
Rod Data Input