Putter Shaft 3 Ft 0 Wt

Rod Name Putter Shaft
Length (inches) 36
Length (feet) 3
Line Weight 0
Number of pieces 1
Number of tips 0
Construction Golf
Comments Carry the .505 out to at least 1/2" below where the grip will end. I also made a wrap that the end of the the grip would overlap and finsihed the shaft with the head installed but not the grip. I put a flat parallel to the putter face to limit torque. The attachemnt to the hosel can be tricky. The .370 is the round dimension you need to place in a female hosel. It's also the outside diameter of a cut-off shaft if the putter head has a male hosel In that case I cut off the shaft with a pipecutter and used it as a ferrule. The butt joint takes some work. I added some epoxy after it was attached to fill the tiny crack and then sanded it down before wrapping.
Deduction for varnish 0
Allowance for form setting 0
Ferrule 10/64Location0
StationDimensionForm Setting
0 0.505 0.253
5 0.505 0.253
10 0.505 0.253
15 0.440 0.220
20 0.390 0.195
25 0.380 0.190
30 0.370 0.185
35 0.370 0.185